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Pail and Shovel Integrated School recognizes that every child is a unique individual with his own special interests and needs.  
The School believes that the child learns best through the integration of the different subject areas to his own experiences.


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Pail and Shovel Integrated School is a progressive school that aims for the holistic development of children through hands-on learning experiences and dynamic interaction.

The school believes that students learn best when they are exposed to various activities which help them become confident, problem-solving, and self-propelling individuals.



We are a progressive school where passion for learning and excellence, love for God and country, inspire and empower our children and families to contribute to a better world. 


We are dedicated and committed to provide quality progressive education that promotes holistic development through experiential learning.

Caring Community
Child-Centered (Learner-Centered)
Character Building
Committed to Excellence

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The goal of the School is to support the growth of the whole child in his formative and primary years. The School seeks to help the child in cultivating the facets

of his development so he may reach his full potential in becoming a confident, independent, problem-solving, critical thinking, and self-propelling individual.

The School aims to help in rearing a creative, happy and socially responsible child. 

These goals may be achieved by providing the child with an encouraging environment facilitated by highly qualified educators and staff who will help him realize his capabilities and skills that will enable him to positively contribute to the society he lives in.


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  • 1. Curriculum Development

To pursue academic excellence and value formation through an integrated curriculum, developmentally appropriate practices, and individualized instructions that promote experiential learning

To build a lifelong love for learning

2. Child Development

* To mold each child to become loving, independent, confident, problem solving, and self-propelling individuals by facilitating the child’s development in the physical, cognitive, social, emotional, spiritual, and adaptive areas through a holistic and learner-centered approach

3. Partnership Goals

* To strengthen parent and school relationship and foster effective communication by providing relevant activities and programs

4. Institution Building

* To achieve institutional stability through effective leadership and efficient management

5. Staff Development

* To provide excellent service through hiring competent and effective teachers and staff, conducting relevant trainings and creating opportunities for personal and professional development

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• To facilitate development of the child in all aspects (physical, cognitive, social, emotional and moral) and to be able to apply what the child has learned in facing life’s challenges as he grows up;
• To assist the child in reaching his potential by identifying his interests and capabilities and by maximizing these interests and capabilities through different developmentally appropriate materials, methods and meaningful experiences;

• To guide the child in becoming a self-propelling, thinking, contributing, self-reliant individual who is able to make right and sound decisions;

• To aid the child in accepting and respecting individual differences, which may include understanding the uniqueness in the individual families, regional or foreign backgrounds, religious affiliations, traditions and beliefs;

• To instill in the child morally-acceptable values;
• To help in rearing a happy, contented and fun-loving child who will grow up to have a generally positive view of life; and

• To provide avenues to encourage the families and the community to actively participate in the advancement of endeavors in the best interest of children.


Pail and Shovel Integrated School recognizes that every child is a unique individual with his own special interests and needs. The School believes that the child learns best through the integration of the different subject areas to his own experiences. With these considerations, the School provides a safe and stimulating environment where child may develop capabilities in the areas of physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth. This is accomplished through a developmentally appropriate, child-centered, activity-centered and interactive curriculum.

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Pail and Shovel Integrated School believes that the child develops a deep understanding of education as the child is an important participant in the learning process. The child is a unique individual who perceives and understands the world differently from the way the adult does. The individuality of each child is valued, especially his strengths, his own ways of learning, and even his weaknesses. The general milestones that every child achieves at his particular age is recognized and given value.

A child retains more information when he finds meaning to what he is doing. The child has the need to feel the relationship between the learning and the other aspects of life. The child learns best through concrete, integrated, and hands-on experiences. Knowledge of various concepts and skills are gained from these experiences and a variety of activities. Play is an integral part in learning as play promotes a fun, stress and pressure-free way of exploration, discovery, and problem-solving. These will empower a child to apply what he has learned in school to real life situations.



The teacher acts as the facilitator in the learning process. He understands the uniqueness of each child and believes in his capabilities. He promotes “self-directed interests” learning by encouraging the child to actively participate, discover, and experience the world in which he lives in. The teacher is an instrument for the development of critical thinking skills, more specifically, by providing activities which will attend to and stimulate the child’s curiosity. The teacher allows the child to understand that the learning process and activities is built around his personal experiences.

The teacher is an advocate of qualitative learning. The teacher provides the child with different group works as well as individual tasks in the class. Through his ability to plan using the Thematic Integrated Core Curriculum approach, the teacher is the catalyst in bringing together various ways of learning to promote the understanding of basic academic and educational foundations needed by the child.

The teachers understand the varying manner of development each child goes through and continuously checks the level of learning through non-threatening and informal objective assessment. The teacher is capable of carrying out formal individual assessment as may be necessary. The teacher is a model of socially and morally acceptable behavior. Furthermore, the teacher values constant communication with the parents/guardians regarding the holistic development of the child.

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The School is a learning environment for every child. It has a friendly and stimulating atmosphere where the child can interact, exchange ideas, and learn from and with one another. The School offers a variety of social and individual support programs to build harmonious relationships among School, parents and the whole community.

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Various learning areas are set-up in the School to further support or scaffold a child’s exploration as anchored on the basic subject matter such as math, arts, reading and language, music and movement, and social studies. Furnishings and fixtures, toys, manipulatives as well as charts and books, are developmentally appropriate and are always within the ready access of the child in order to welcome and encourage such use.



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