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newsletterIpa Aircon kaya Natin ang Mundo? By: Amor Marayag

December is a month of full of hope and joy. And it was precisely those values that prompted the Pail and Shovel community to showcase its ond and only original play: Ipa- Aircon kaya Natin ang Mundo. The play was held in the Ateneo de Manila on the 17th of December 2016. The school play was a new experience for the students of Pail and Shovel. Everyone had the chance to participate in the play whether they auditioned for a main role or wished to be apart of the chorus and dance performances


The play was inspired by a conversation from a bunch of kids from Pail and Shovel. Despite the working air conditioner, they still felt uncomfortable because or the hot temperature. One of them, Anika Maculangan , asked if she could just “air condition” the world. Hence , Ipa- Aircon Kaya Natin ang Mundo was born.


Ipa- Aircon Kaya Natin ang Mundo reminded everyone to help combat global warming. The main characters were six cousins trying to find out how to create a big air conditioner for the world. They travelled to different dimensions and asked for help. In the end they learned that the only way to stop the Earth from being so hot, is to do their part in their own little ways.




Aside from the Pail and Shovel community, popular icon Joey Ayala also watched the plau and performed the mega hit song Karaniwang tao. There were also different beneficiaries who were part of the audience like kids from gawad kalinga, Jeremiah: Tahanan ng Pagmamahal, and Emilio Aguinaldo Elementary School After watching the play, they were given free lunch and loot bags before going home.


Throughout the days leading to the grand play, the performers were asked to memorize a lengthy script even if it lines weren’t theirs. This was done so that they would know when to enter the stage and when to throw their lines. A few of the performers, like Amor Marayag and Aidan Guevara, were also asked to taken two roles. Sometimes, the audience wouldn’t even recognize that the same person played one character.


Everyone was required to cooperate because in theater, when one doesn’t help others, everyone else will get affected and so will be the entire performance. Fortunately, the pupils did their best to acquire new skills. A lot of the talents of our young children were enhanced and exposed during the play. It also showed how much patience and independence they’ve learned throughout the years when it came to presentation and performances.


For us, the play was not perfect. There were small mistake., but some people  in the audience and performers that mattered move in the end.









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